我的自述(暂时part 1,也可能是绝笔)

Saturday, April 5, 2008 at 1:28 AM
eLaine03/25/2005 1:29 pm
seen im the lucky no.1 who write testimoni 4 this guy.. emm..not really remember how i know this guy already.. anyway, just want to talk some about this guy..besides calling him Wen How, he got another nick name..which is.. (sorry la people, cant tell u guys here..coz i scaked i cant walk in USM anymore) =P this guy got the smallest eye in the world..hehe..but got people said his eye look like Jay Chow.. =P he is such a kind guy, the way he treat his friends i really respect..especially Wei Chien & Zhen Lun..3 of them always stick together..sometimes cannot tahan them..=) sometimes this guy can be so "siao", but when he come to time, he can be a very good listener & advicer..if u r not happy, ask him & Wei Chien to act "touch & go"..seriously,they will make u laught like mad! =D so happy to know this guy n the whole gang..really appreciate this friendship! =) nothing bad to talk about him, because still din see yet..i just want to wish him all the best

kar yin11/12/2005 12:32 am
HaPpY BiRtHdAy!!!hihi my dear fren...if i'm not mistaken,i havent drop u a testi..haha..since 2day is your big day,i drop u a few words.. i've noe tis guy for quite some time...he's a good guy..not bad guy as wat he alwiz say.he's quite handsome.. izzit ar???hehe..he's crazy ppl...study no need sleep 1...dat's y quite intelligent...very friendly n helpful...he's willing 2 help any1 at anytime without cost...n gals out there..watch out tis guy..as he's single...can think think... haha.. lastly.. be4 i left...u still owe me kim gary...remember wo...k... bye... hope u hav an enjoying n memorable b'day....

vching11/12/2005 2:40 am
papa...erm,dunno when we get closer...n u r too lucky to be my papa lo..im a nice girl n pretty as well,hehe..im sure u feel happy wf me de..glad to be my driver.."enjoy" when i beat u..coz i "sayang" u alots..=p tis guy ah??he s such a bad guy actually,haha,sorry to say tat!!he treat ppl vry well, spent much times wf his lovely housemates... opps..forgot to introduce his 4 abnormal housemates..chienz, sheng,daddy boon n a girl girl chin lun!! 5 crazy creatures in da house...hamhor!!! they laugh n scream most of the times..haha,my papa live in a cheerful house..they alwz went out for "family day"..they "dating"... n...so..so..( 18 SL ) tis guy r quite unpredictable lo..dunno wats in his mind..hard to catch it..luckily im blur blur..wnt observe him all the time,if not..heh..ingat im so free meh?!!anyway..papa..thanks for giving me happiness..hope u enjoy ur life..fulfill ur life wf love, smile n sweet memories la..

CsL08/27/2006 1:35 am
hey..ok la since u so kesian i write a testi to u lo... hmm..where should i start??? ok... we get to kow each other quite sometime but you seem to be so cool that din talk much with u..but recently n suddenly...hahaha.. always ask u to help me...fix my laptop, be camera man n even use ur computer...hahaha..thanks ya... this guy very cool like JAY CHOW...hahaa..they say la... mayb the eyes n the 'q meng'...ok la...he is very helpful and playful too...but ya really thank you for helpping me so much...ya la ya la...belanja u makan la...eat till u look like pig...hahaha...

H L09/9/2006 9:31 pm
Hello Mr. How!!!Haha finally I'm free to drop u a testi. Ok when I met this budak I tot dat he was siao la but he turns out to be worse... he is siao x 10 after I knew him. This fella can SS non-stop like seven eleven and oh yea he pretty ambitious too. He hopes to be a taugeh karaoke (oops sori its taukeh karaoke) iaitu Tai lo of security dept and oso pengeluar utama bagi aloe vera. (hebat kan?!!) dun play play wid this guy tau.... Coz this fella is SMART...he can crap a lot from non logic to logic... dats y I alwiz kalah haiz. He is crazy and playful but apart from dat he is a gud guy and friendly too. You can alwiz count on him if u eva need any help... ...and I wana say terima kasih Mr. How. It's great to know u n having u as a friend... and thx for spreading the laughter... kakakaaka gotta chao dee. Wishing u all the best in your future undertakings and take care my friend!!!

Vintage11/10/2006 11:56 am
wei... a very good LuCk to ur exaM yA... JusT write SonG sonG nia.. coz IF i am not wrong i noT yet write yOu a Testy... HeY, VeRy memOraBle to Sqeeze wIf you BeHind thE speaKEr..."At OasiS" haha Like Squatiing To PanGsai....Ooi, U pose as my Bf at Oasis reallY sucks la.. but jin ho chio.... coz We Onli haV two sTory line nia.." zuo ze li ar, hmmm... ni yao he she mO?.. sui bian.." finisH...=)AnyWaY, boon how is a nice guy... but too bad gong gong a bit lolx... buT bo piang i like to be fren wiF him...and we often have a business ties.. with shooting.. ooi, i need to go brush my gigi liow... haha.. next time baru write u a formal testy... bueksssss- i like that pic we took .. ei is very precious oo that pic.. coz all the pic we took ALL DELETED by MISS NG EE LIAN ( who is she ar?? see her one time must beat her one time!! ).. But luckily still left one rite... phew..

yiVOn02/3/2007 1:46 am
After reading all your testimonials written by ur friends, i found 1 thing in common which is Nyew Boon How and the housemates are a bunch of crazy fello, always SS but yet always bring joys and laughters to ppl around them! Wen how is 1 of the ppl i first befriended with among my coursemates. At first he is cool but as i got to know him better,he shows his TRUE colour adi. He is humourous and funny and i love all his jokes!He is a nice and helpful fren who will alawys be there to help u whenever u need help. and he is a responsible guy who has high expectation to his work. He is a caring friend and he cares about his fren in a different way. Thanks for always brings joys and laughters to my life and cheer me up when i am too stressed up. I know u look cool/crazy/funny from outside but deep down inside u, you need love and cares. I know u're strong and independent and u can stand up again where u fall. But just to let u know i'll be there for u when u need me~! keep smiling my fren~!

Jixin03/31/2007 4:27 pm
cool, crazy n helpful i can use to describe wenhow..thanks for the helps from u especially editing.., thank for the jokes made by u , weichien, ar sheng n chinlun when i always went to hamna Q34 last time, i miss the time there so much..thank you!!graduate soon,dun know what will happen for the coming days..wish u all the best in your future n be happy everday!i appreciate and happy having u as my friend, take care! do keep in touch n be friend forever,ok?

Ting-04/2/2007 1:26 pm
my dear wen how, i am very very touching when i watched the video you done. i miss all the moments we had in our uni life. it's always keep in mind and unforgotable. every moment that had happen in this 3 years come out in my mind when i was watching the video. i feel i missed out a lot of things in 3rd year...but i really appreciate the crazy, funny and happening time we together. wen how...is a very very good friend and buddy, he is always take care of his friend and make joke for every body. dear friend...love you and miss you!!! (***don misunderstand o...hehehehe, love you as a good good good friend! haha...) hope all of us can get back to the great time in 1st year and 2nd year and have a gathering trip before we get job or during convo. keep in touch!!!

belsim10/16/2007 6:31 pm
emm...wanna leave you this comment long time ago..finally now is the time la..1st went to your house, only can saw your back..your back=your face...i never meet this kind of weird people before so all this while i have been calling you weird guy...when getting know you better, just realise that it is not the true..conclusion:still a weird guy and now having a new english name-'paul' nyew...like it??smile~~~









还有什么没讲的?脑袋有点空白了。。。右看过Vantage Point,这出电影吗?故事超级简单,但戏里提起了point of view。以上这些都是我对我本人的看法。。。如有不爽,那时因为你和我的看法不同而已,人永远都不是他自己来判断的,身边的人都会对你感觉有所不同,只是你在不在乎而已。。。我呢?我不知道,要看你是谁咯。。。:)



  1. pinghuz Says:





  2. Anonymous Says:

    The reason why i call you weird guy is because you made me felt that you're special.Just feel wan to call you so and if you doesn't like it just tell me, i'm such a flexible person..Do you agree??hehe...
    You told me be4, why want to care how people judge you, see you and comment about you? If you knew it then i dont see there is a need for you to write this-"我的自述(暂时part 1,也可能是绝笔)".Do you know that how lucky you are? Some people are forced to stop writing in their blog just because some people have put a great pressure on them. They cried because of it.
    No matter how many good friends you've, how many people that you can trust, for me that doesn't matter.I just want to be who am I and do what i want cause life is so short. Who knows if I don't have tomorrow.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Just be urself,although u said u dun care wat other ppl say bt u,but i thnk deep in ur heart u do care....but u jst be urself...k?

  4. chinweeching Says:

    papa...the font size too small...i can't read...aku rabun la!!pls do take care n sleep early evryday...i dun like a panda bear to be my papa!!!!=)

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